Leveraging 3D Printing Technology To Solve
The Challenges In Aerospace

Aerospace Solutions

Aerospace companies are challenged to lower fuel costs, increase safety and accelerate supply chain efficiency.

With our AS 9100D certification, we are committed to providing our aerospace customers with quality focused on safety, reliability and meeting regulatory compliance.

When Amaero  aerospace customers partner with us, they leverage our world-class R&D capability and expertise in 3D metal printing to experience significant manufacturing productivity improvements that include:

  • Rapid prototyping to enable a fast, dynamic, design-driven product development process
  • Increased speed and reliability of quality assurance and validation processes
  • Reduced manufacturing lead times and increased productivity of critical processes
  • Decreased component weights through innovative geometries and new patented materials
  • Alleviating supply chain constraints
  • Stronger components with increased shear and tensile strength
  • Parts consolidation, which reduces the assembly processes
  • Incorporated cooling/lubrication channels

With our integrated research, design, prototyping, manufacturing and machine sales services, we help our aerospace customers increase manufacturing efficiency and precision while minimizing wastage of raw materials, energy and cost of production.

Our Aerospace Services

We provide our aerospace customers with world-class research and development capability, high-end technical advice and in-depth experience in design for additive manufacturing of aerospace components using an unparalleled range of alloys.

With three manufacturing facilities, access to two leading research Universities, a robust supply chain, and proven expertise in product design and optimization, Amaero's unique full-service offering includes:

  • Research and development
  • Design and prototyping
  • Contract manufacture
  • Tooling
  • Exclusive supply of market-leading machine & ancillary equipment
  • Training, support and maintenance
  • Patented Metal Alloys
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Why Partner With Us?

Amaero's research and experience with metal additive manufacturing technology have delivered the following achievements:

Amaero International Limited (ASX:3DA) Helps Our Customers Deliver on Challenging Opportunities Through World-Leading Research and Technology

Our World Class Partners

When you partner with us, you will experience our unique full end-to-end service approach to metal additive manufacturing.