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Tooling Solutions

The constraints of traditional machining techniques used for tooling manufacturing drive the competitiveness, precision and efficiency of diecasting and plastic injection molding in a variety of industries.

Improvements in tooling manufacturing rely on taking advantage of new technologies, using superior materials and optimizing manufacturing to create innovations in molds, dies and tools.

The Amaero team provides our tooling manufacturing customers with extensive metal casting and injection molding experience, world-class R&D capability and expertise in 3D metal printing to experience significant manufacturing productivity improvements that include:

  • Faster tooling manufacturing
  • Ability to localize the tooling manufacture near the point of use
  • Improved tooling design, which leads to higher productivity in the component manufacturing processes
  • Shorter lead times for prototype parts, tool manufacture and production
  • More complex tool designs incorporating features previously not possible, such as close to the cavity, matrix structures and venting
  • Use of conformal cooling to reduce cycle times and increase productivity
  • Reduced thermal fatigue to improve the overall mold life
  • Improved product quality and fewer rejects
  • Reduced heat checking and soldering
  • Optimized product design with less material and lightweight
  • Bridge production tools
  • Replacement inserts for high wear areas

With our integrated research, design, prototyping, manufacturing and machine sales services, we help our tooling manufacturing customers increase efficiency, robustness and precision.

Our Tooling Services

We provide our tooling manufacturing customers with world-class research and development capability, high-end technical advice and extensive experience in design for additive manufacturing to improve tooling manufacturing productivity, precision and efficiency.

Amaero utilizes a range of tool steel powders, including Maraging Steel (MS1), Hot work tool steels (H13), stainless steels, Hastelloy, INVAR36 and Cobalt Chrome, to provide a robust, high strength and optimal product.

With three manufacturing facilities, access to two leading research Universities, a robust supply chain, and proven expertise in product design and optimization, Amaero creates specialized tooling for the following manufacturing processes:

  • Diecasting used in the following industries:

•Industrial products
•Building products

  • Plastic injection molding used in the following industries:

•Food packaging
•Consumer goods
•Industrial products

  • Rubber molding used in the following industries:

•Industrial products
•Heavy engineering
•Clothing and footwear

  • Glass processing used in the following industries:

•Building products

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Amaero's tooling manufacturing experience in diecasting and plastic injection molding
enables us to deliver world-first results, such as:

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